dormakaba Architectural Door Hardware, the highly regarded Australian manufacturer of stylish and premium quality door hardware, is very pleased to comply with The Good Environmental Choice Australia Label (GECA) which indicates the environmental performance of a product from multi-criteria and a whole of the product life perspective. Products certified by GECA provide Green Star accredited professionals with the right resources for their Green Star projects.

To move towards sustainable consumption buyers need to recognise which products and services have preferable environmental outcomes.

dormakaba is committed to undertaking a Product Recycling Stewardship Program, under which all brass and stainless steel components manufactured by dormakaba can be returned through the selected distributor for recycling at the end of product life. dormakaba ensures that all brass or stainless steel hardware, fittings, handles and accessories returned at product end of life will be recycled through relevant resource recovery networks and will not end up in Landfill*.

No other costs are chargeable to the consumer apart from transport cost to the dormakaba facility at 3/1-7 Ada Avenue Brookvale NSW 2100.

Please contact your distributor of dormakaba products to arrange return of goods. A tax receipt or some other documentary evidence from the original purchase must be retained in order to facilitate resource recovery. *Why is recycling and reducing the impact of Landfill waste on our environment important?

The impacts of Landfill waste are a contributor to climate change. The International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (2007) established that is highly confident that anthropogenic impacts such as the burning of fossil fuels and a ‘disposable lifestyle culture’ are the reasons for climate change.

Australia disposes of 32 million tonnes of solid waste into Landfill every year. 40% of this is attributable to the Construction and Demolition sector (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2002-03).

Results from a Department of Environmental and Climate Change (DECC) study in 2004-05 showed that there are opportunities for up to 40% of the Construction & Demolition waste disposed to Landfill in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. The study estimated 30,000 tonnes of this was ferrous metals.

In recognising the critical role that the building industry plays in climate change in creating it and solving it, attaining the Good Environmental Choice Australia label and providing a Product Recycling Stewardship Policy is our way of moving towards sustainable consumption and being part of the solution.

For further information please contact dormakaba.